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Augmented Diagnostics – From test results to Actionable Insights

25.Oct.2023 | 11:00 - 12:00
LabWorld Arena (Pad. 5 - area F072) – LabWorld Arena (Hall 5 - area F072)

bioMérieux Italia S.p.A

Via di Campigliano, 58 Loc. Ponte a Ema 
50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI) 


Always alongside our customers to provide smarter and more dynamic Risk Assessment in Food Safety and Quality Control, moving from Test results to Actionable Insights, to help them ulti mately provide Consumers safe products of the highest quality. 
Our suite of solutions is based on rigorous science, technology expertise, data science and an innovative spirit. 
Whilst adapting to consumers’ new food experience, the food industry is also undergoing major changes challenging the way our customers need to approach food safety and quality. 
Our commitment remains to be your trusted partner for this new era, to help feed the world with safe, high quality and sustainable food. 
We accompany our customers along the entire production value-chain, by providing them: 

  • Smarter and more dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Moving from Test results to Actionable Insights
  • To ultimately help you provide safe products of the highest quality for Consumers 

During this speech you will discover how we change the game, thanks to the entire Augmented Diagnostics ecosystem we developped around Microbiology Expertise, Genomics, Bio-Informatics and Data Science. Through concrete examples in the Food Industry, we will describe how to accelerate your Industry 4.0 goal, how to better manage the root cause analysis, and how take advantage of all your data in.Food Safety & Quality. 

Evento in lingua inglese

Guillaume Dancoinsne - EMEA Business Development Manager for Augmented Diagnosics 


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